Calvados camembert with walnut salad… the best way to end a meal!

This is by far, the best way to end a meal… before dessert that is. Never, and on no circumstances you should miss the dessert. That would be a great and unforgivable sin (and there is no need to be so mean to yourself). Coming back to the topic of this post, this won’t be on how to make a calvados glaze for the camembert cheese, or soak the cheese in calvados or things like that. Honestly,  I have no clue how it is done, and this combination of two main stars of Normandy is widely available to buy.  What I do like to talk about in this post is a combination of flavors that will make you swoon, forget the daily worries and just enjoy every single bite. And, oh, in case you are wondering, no I have not been hired by the producer to do any kind of promotion. This is a flavor combination I truly enjoy, at it’s most when all ingredients are present: calvados camembert, walnut salt, baguette and, very very important – red wine! (a bit of booze always gives a nice kick, doesn’t it?)

In case you don’t have camembert with calvados available, I guess the traditional camembert or any cheese you like will do just fine. However, I don’t know if it’s the calvados or the tanginess the breadcrumbs on the cheese bring, but together with salad and in particular this vinaigrette, the combination of taste and texture just hits all the right notes. It’s when you take a bite of something that seems so perfect, so complete that needs nothing further to be added… and this is why I like it so much. Simplicity at it’s most, no long hours in the kitchen needed, just some salad, cheese and wine!


Camembert with calvados

1 baguette

Red wine

Salad with walnuts:

200g of mixed salad leaves

a handful of walnuts


1,5 tea spoons Dijon mustard

3 table spoons olive oil

2 table spoons walnut oil

2 table spoons red wine vinegar

salt and freshly grounded pepper

For the vinaigrette, whisk the mustard with vinegar, season with salt and pepper and slowly add both oils until the the vinaigrette is homogenous. Toss the salad with the walnuts and spoon the vinaigrette on the salad directly in your plate as you prefer. In case you are into this sort of thing, and have some vinaigrette  left, you can finish it of with some bread. It is well, worth the few extra calories. Enjoy!

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