Chocolate mousse in 5 minutes and no chilling needed!

Hope everyone’s had a nice weekend! It doesn’t feel much like Monday today though, more like Friday I’d say, but then again since last post I flew to Milan and just landed back home… so my weekend was seriously cut short. Which brings me to chocolate, desperate need of chocolate, that is, and the next contestant in the chocolate mousse marathon.

I have such big names behind today’s recipe, that it’s even intimidating to say anything but praising about it.

French chemist and founder of molecular gastronomy – Hervé This, created this recipe, which makes chocolate mousse using 2 ingredients in less than 5 minutes. The recipe is further used by non other but Heston Blumenthal, who I guess does not need any introduction (having one of the best restaurants in the world may have something to do with it…).

Now, almost everywhere I’ve seen this recipe, it was titled as nothing less but the best chocolate mousse ever, and the easiest one to make since it requires only two ingredients: water and chocolate. Yes, you’ve read correctly only water and chocolate that are melted together and then whipped over an ice bowl.

Sounds simple? Indeed it is. In fact there is nothing particularly complicated about it, and the only basic skills you need here is to know how to melt chocolate and how to use a mixer.

This recipe does have one trick namely, you can over whip the mousse and then it can become grainy, but since it only has water and chocolate within, you can melt them both again and try whipping once more.

My only note is that once you’ve whipped it, you should transfer it to serving bowls immediately, as the mousse texture starts setting directly and then instead of pouring, you’ll have to be scraping it.

So, to sum it all up, I’ve made a little FAQ of what we thought of this wonder:

Is it an instant chocolate mousse?

Yes. Literally 5 minutes and you have a chocolate mousse, no chilling required.

Does this result in a mousse like texture?

Yes, though on the very light side, more like whipped cream.

Does this melt in your mouth wonderfully?

Yes, even better than most mousses do.

Is this chocolate mousse good?


Is this the best chocolate mousse ever?

Well… Not sure. I mean it’s good, really good! But for it to be exceptional you have to use the best chocolate known to man, with at least 70% cocoa solids in it (which doesn’t come cheap), otherwise you will end up with a dessert tasting like supermarket chocolate mousse, as it will lack chocolate intensity.

Next, as it only contains water and chocolate, it does lack a tad of richness that cream, butter or eggs bring, but it’s down to personal taste here.

Having said all that, if you do have some Valrhona chocolate stocked in your cupboard and feel like spending only five minutes on dessert you want to eat right away, then this may just be the perfect recipe for you!

However, as the search for the best chocolate mousse recipe is not over yet, and if you’d like to see some more unconventional ways of making chocolate mousse, on Wednesday, I’ll be posting a recipe of that kind!

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5 minute chocolate mousse: instantly ready!
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: dessert
Serves: 6
  • 270 grams Valrhona Chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids, less will taste bland)
  • 240 ml water
  1. Melt the chocolate with water in a heatproof bowl over a pot of simmering water.
  2. Once the chocolate has melted, immediately place the bowl on ice (have it ready) and using a hand mixer start whisking until thick. Take care not to over-whip as the texture may become grainy, in that case melt the chocolate again and whisk over ice until thick.
  3. Pour immediately into serving bowls and serve!

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56 thoughts on “Chocolate mousse in 5 minutes and no chilling needed!

    • There’s quite some buzz around it, as it’s so easy to make, though I think I still prefer more traditional ones!

  1. Wow, it’s somewhat mind boggling that this is just water and chocolate – it looks so creamy! I’d be tempted to try it just for curiosity!

    • I couldn’t believe it when I saw it at first, that with just water and chocolate you can get a very good mousse when some other recipes need more that 10 ingredients… Having said that, those additional ingredients in other recipes do bring certain advantages to it, though if you only have a chocolate bar and feel like having a quick fluffy dessert – this is just perfect!

  2. I will just have to dig out some of the good chocolate to try this one! I’ll report back when I do…I may have to wait till after Lent or my youngest, who gave up sweets, will have a conniption :)

    • Oh do tell me how it turned out (once it is safe to make it that is :) )!

    • It’s quite an unusual recipe, but nice to try in times of chocolate cravings! :)

  3. I hate these instant recipes. Do not fit well with the part of me that is always trying to lose weight! Sigh! I will be making this and my waist will be regretting it!

    • Yes, it would be better if all recipes like that would take hours to make, but it does require fancy chocolate which may need searching… :)

  4. I have already heard about this mousse a couple of weeks ago and thought I had to try it. Now I really am tempted! It sounds amazing and actually it looks a bit like chocolate ice-cream, which makes it even more appetising.
    Thank you for sharing this incredible recipe.

    • The one in the photo had spent a night in the fridge so it looks a bit dense, but freshly made it’s much more fluffy :)

      • It does look fluffy and delicious, not thick like the one I made… I must follow your recipe exactly next time and see if I can also achieve thesse results.

    • I’ve seen the video where Heston Blumenthal was explaining the chemistry behind it and it seems that whipping it vigorously prevents it from becoming grainy to a certain point.

  5. This does look deliciously decadent. I can imagine all that chocolately creaminess in a single bite-yum! There are some bonuses in here, you can recover if you over whip and it takes very little time. Elegant appearance-no one will think it only took 5 minutes. Great recipe!

    • Exactly, I love the idea that if you mess it up it’s always possible to fix it :)

  6. You are my hero! This mousse is perfect for those quick fixes with lots of flavours 😀
    Thank you!

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Rich Sticky Date Pudding w/ Butterscotch Sauce

    • Ah, thanks so much (very nice to hear it), I think this recipe is as quick as it gets!

  7. This is so interesting! I am bookmarking this to try! I love chocolate mousse and the fact that it doesn’t require raw eggs makes it very appealing to me!

    • I love that this recipes doesn’t need pretty much anything except chocolate and water, kind of makes it perfect when you have nothing else but a chocolate bar to whip up a dessert.

    • Indeed, nothing is better for a quick fix, but if you really want something very indulgent, then you’ll need a recipe with a few extra ingredients to add another layer of indulgence to it.

  8. Just chocolate and water ONLY?! Man.. now I have totally different view for chocolate mousse – it can be easy and delicious (but may not be 100% perfect according to your review). I can’t wait to see your post today.. unconventional way? Curious!

    • Yes, this does change the whole view on chocolate mousse, especially that you can make it so quick (like every day) and keep the labour intensive recipes for special occasions :)

  9. And its that simple. When I saw the title to your post, I almost didn’t believe. Thanks for sharing. Will surely give this a shot the next time I’m strapped for time.

    • Hi Serena, thanks for visiting, I don’t think desserts get easier than this one!

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