Gelo di Anguria

This dessert otherwise known as Gelo di melone or in common English watermelon pudding comes from Palermo in Sicily.

It’s insanely popular in summer months when watermelons anything, but in abundance in Sicily and if you fancy watermelons, then you’ll understand why. Watermelon is pretty much the only ingredient here spiced up with some pistachios, chocolate and traditionally – a pinch of jasmine.

In Sicily, when making this pudding wheat starch is used most often, as cornstarch tends to impact the flavor a little bit but it’s quite difficult to come across outside Sicily. I’ve used cornstarch here and though it can be felt a little more than the one I’ve tried in Sicily, it’s still a very nice treat.

Difficulty: very easy

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 5 minutes

Serves: 4


½ watermelon (about 1,2 kg) to yield 500ml juice

50g sugar

40g cornstarch (or wheat starch, if you can find it)

A few pistachios, chopped for decorating

A few chocolate chips, for decorating

Process: Chop the watermelon and press it through a fine sieve. Stir in the cornstarch and sugar and bring to boil on medium heat. Once boiling let it cook for 2-3 minutes stirring all the time. Take off the heat and pour into serving dishes, leave to set in the fridge.

Serve with some chopped pistachios and chocolate chips.

14 thoughts on “Gelo di Anguria

  1. Amazing dessert recipe – very soothing for summer months!I really like the color of the dish – lovely clicks:)

  2. Oh wow, this looks stunning. I am a sucker for anything with pistachios too so this is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing this one. It’s really beautiful.

  3. I so wish it was watermelon season! I’ll keep this recipe in mind for next year. It’s a great way of transforming watermelon into something super delicious.

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