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Storm follows silence and after nearly few weeks without words, I am happy and thrilled to present gusts of recipes, my latest labour of love –  ‘Sunshine Delights: recipes and stories for merry days”.

I am a believer in following seasons and local ingredients, hence after “Gems of the Cold” comes a recipe collection to discover the best Spring and Summer has to offer and infuse it into your daily life.

Partially shot under the clear Provence sky, “Sunshine Delights” has over 60 recipes ranging from swift breakfast, healthy lunch and dinner ideas to treats worth a merry feast.

Lots of recipes here have never seen before and I couldn’t help to include some of my old favorites, ones making spring and summer particularly delicious seasons.

Here are but a few samples from what lies within “Sunshine Delights” and if you are thinking of arming yourself with Spring and Summer essentials, this cookbook is for you.

You can get the book in both PDF and from Amazon kindle for just $6.99.

It can be read on your PC, MAC, IPAD and IPHONE, just click on the links below and it will take you directly to respective stores for secure transactions.


But, since a release is a celebration, I am giving away cookbooks to 3 lucky readers.

To be eligible, leave a comment before 8th of April, elaborating on the dishes or specialties you would love to learn to make this summer. 

These happen to be some of my favorite reads so do indulge me.

In the meanwhile, after getting some very much missed sleep I am really looking forward to catching up with you all and wishing you a sunny week ahead!

50 thoughts on “Recipes for Sunshine

  1. Oh my god! Everything is amazing! I would like to learn the rhubarbe cake! I hope I’ll win this book! :)

  2. Fantastic food – everything looks ever so scrumptious – and lovely pictures. I’d love to win the book.



  3. Kaip gražu, sveikinu su šauniais pasiekimais!!! :) Taip pat labai norėčiau laimėti Tavo knygą, tad šią vasarą noriu išmokti pagaminti tobulą burgerį, su ant ugnies keptu sultingu kepsneliu, skrudintomis traškiomis bandelėmis, tobulu padažu, daržovėmis… Ah, apsiseilėjau :)

  4. Oh my goodness, Gintare… I’m GIDDY with delight over this eBook!

    I wish you had posted titles to those photos, because there are about 8 of them that I MUST MAKE!
    I was hoping that when I clicked the “Pin it” button under the photo, I would be able to see the name of the dish… but you’re sneaky and hiding the titles from me. Not nice! lol

    • Noooooo, I’m not that sneaky, I’m just programming illiterate :) I’ve actually put all the titles on the photos, but pinterest keeps pulling the post title. So, I’ve just put them all on my pinterest account with full titles :)

  5. Well, haven’t you been busy! Another outstanding performance. I want to learn how to make those mussels for my husband. I can’t eat them but he would LOVE me. (more than he does already)

  6. Stunning photos, Gintare! Your writing leaves me wishing for more. :)
    This summer I think I’d like to revisit croissant dough; something I’m madly in love with but can only handle in small doses (the potential for failure leaves a cherry pit in my stomach!).

    Congratulations on the new book! XO

    • Thank you so much my dear! Croissants are a true labour of love, long and painful but worth it :)

  7. I want to make bitters this summer. It’s funny, since bitters don’t require fresh summer ingredients, but I think of sitting on the porch and having a cocktail when I think of summer. And I want to make my cocktails more fun! Congrats on finishing the ebook! These photos are all stunning!

    • Thanks Brianne, summer chilling with cocktails sounds very good just about now :)

  8. Congratulations on your beautiful book! Everything looks so delicious. Since I’ve just arrived back in my birth country, I’m really looking forward to mastering dishes from my childhood.

    Good luck to the give-away participants!

  9. I just came across your site today and it’s so beautiful! I like the those food photos, bright and vibrant! Also like the style of your web design, clean and elegant.
    Congratulations on the e-book and will keep following :)

  10. Congratulations Gintare! The pictures as always are so beautiful and the dishes you present too. I love the stuffed zucchinis, the tart and the choux with the chocolate on top are heavenly! I would love to win a book not only for the recipes but also for the beautiful pictures that are pieces of art!

  11. Congrats on your new cookbook, the photography is beautiful! I can see myself making many of your recipes. However, I think the first dish I will make is the rhubarb pie. It reminds me of being a little girl and visiting my Grandmother in the summer months. She had a large rhubarb plant and we would always cut the purple red stalkes, careful to throw away the leaves. No summer trip would have been complete withiut us making rhubarb pie and jam!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that I win this giveaway!

  12. Congrats on your book! Great photographs and so many delicious-looking dishes bathed in all that sunshine.

  13. I love that your photographs are always so ‘summery’, Gintare! All of these dishes look so incredible that I could honestly eat any one of them for my breakfast this morninng! Now … what would I like to learn to cook this summer? Homemade pasta, I think! I’ve had one of those little metal machines for literally years and have never ever used it. Got to get it out soon!

  14. Oh wow!! These look so amazing!! Such a cute idea!! “for merry days” :) And that tomato tart looks delicious!! And those desserts!! ohhhh man!! YUM!!

  15. Congratulations! A great collection of recipes for sure!! Did I see some Eton Mess? That’s one of my favourites for summer time, and anything with rhubarb :)

  16. Ooo, amazing, sun-filled photos. I love the styling. And I’d love to enter your contest!

    [p.s. thanks for your sweet comment. The answer is: yes, hopefully, someday!]

    • Thanks Joyti, oh and when you do publish I’ll be the first to get a copy :)

  17. It is all just beautiful and visually tempting. ..the three that look most inviting are the tomato pie, which led me to your blog to begin with. Then, when I saw the tomato soup with cheesy crisp bread I was really salivating. Of course, I just can’t resist fresh seafood, so the seafood stew with mussels and prawns looked intensely inviting. Best of luck with your cookbook and much success!

  18. I want to love inside your photos, with a book, a cat, and a cup of coffee.
    Congrats again on the new book! I’m still dreaming of revisiting croissant dough this summer. Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment. 😉

  19. Bet jau nuotrauku grozis! Kiekvienakart ziurint sirdi suspaudzia :) Jums puikiai sekasi ne tik gamint, bet ir parinkt augalus nuotraukoms. Nerealu isties!
    Noreciau ismokt gamint ispudinga braskini deserta.
    Sekmes Jums ir ikvepimo!

  20. Congratulations again on your cookbook #2!!! I am sorry to be here so late but I got my own copy! 😀 I quickly glanced it and can’t wait to enjoy in details later on in my bed. Everything made me excited about cooking. I know some behind the scene stories that made me wonder how you could all these recipes in such a short time. You’re such an inspiring friend, Gintare! xoxo

  21. I’ve just bought your eBook Sunshine Delights, it was amazing! so many delicious recipe and beautiful pictures. I’ll try one of recipe with mussel (pasta in seafood sauce), I was in Brussel-Belgium few days ago and I ate moules-frites two times, I love mussels so much.

    • Thank you so much for buying. I am so happy you are enjoying it, I’d love to hear when you try the dishes!

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